Here at Evolution one of the things that we see the most is people who suffer musculoskeletal pain from sitting poorly at their desk or from not having their desk set up correctly.

So to help with this we have designed a short guide below to help you get the best from your workstation.


  1. Ensure you have a chair that you can alter the seat back and adjust to give good lower back support
  2. Move your seat height when first setting up a new chair and legs should roughly be at a comfortable 90 degree angle.
  3. Ensure there is no excess pressure on underside of thighs and backs of knees
  4. Use a foot rest if needed
  5. Make sure there is space for postural changes during the day, no obstacles under desk
  6. Your forearms should be approximately horizontal
  7. Minimal change of natural wrist position should be needed throughout the day
  8. Screen height and angle should allow comfortable head position
  9. Allow space in front of the keyboard to support hands/wrists during pauses in keying, wrist support in front of the keyboard and mouse if needed.
  10. Get up and move! A few minutes of movement each hour will keep your body working better, go and grab a glass of water, walk to the printer or simply stand to read an email or take a telephone call.