On your first visit to the clinic, the Osteopath will take a full case history and medical background, not only to assist in diagnosis of your complaint, but to ensure that you are screened effectively in order to be suitable for Osteopathic treatment. At all times the Osteopath will let you know what is happening and why any information is being recorded or the purpose behind movements and tests.

After the case history, the Osteopath will examine you whilst you are standing in order to see how your body is moving as a whole, sometimes the area that hurts is caused by tissues elsewhere in the body and so it is important in order review the whole body to gain the full picture when first beginning treatment. In order to do this, the Osteopath will ask you to dress down to your underwear, so if you would like to bring shorts or a vest top with you to make you more comfortable then please do.

Once the Osteopath has gained a working diagnosis and ascertained you are suitable for Osteopathic intervention, treatment will commence, treatment on the first session may be limited due to the time spent screening, any further sessions will focus more on treatment as the case history and diagnosis has already been completed.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask on booking or at any time in the treatment session.