The most traditional port of call for a sports injury is to see a Physiotherapist, however many people do not realize that Osteopaths are equally qualified to treat and rehabilitate sports injuries. Indeed here at Evolution we work with many sports people of all levels to relieve pain and discomfort as well as prescribe rehabilitation exercises and aim to eventually facilitate a full return to sport or improved performance.

The benefit of Osteopathy in sports rehabilitation is that by its philosophy Osteopathy will look globally at the body and thus work to improve upon it as a whole rather than in isolation, so not only is the site of pain addressed, but also if the cause if from an imbalance in tissues elsewhere in the body, then we work to address that as well in order to attempt to stop the dysfunction returning.

The benefit for a sports enthusiast (or casual gym goer) in this is that it is really beneficial in improving performance overall, not only is the injury or discomfort addressed, but changes and adaptations can be made to help improve technique or increase power in performance.

So if a hands on approach appeals to you, then give osteopathy a try and see what it can do for you.