So you’ve hurt yourself in the gym, or had a bit of a fall when out running. It’ll be ok. Won’t it? It’s not like you were going really hard and you exercises a couple of times a week.

You may be right, the pain may resolve on its own. Or it may set up a system of musculoskeletal compensation that means in 3-12 months’ time, you start to develop back pain, or your knee starts to hurt when it’s always been fine.

When it comes to sports injuries, it is always recommended to get advice from a specialist musculoskeletal therapist such as an Osteopath or Physio. Often many injuries go untreated and can become worse or heal incorrectly and cause further issues later down the line. You may not consider yourself a sports person, but if you do any form of exercise, from walking the dog for a few miles a day, right the way up to playing team sports in a league or training in the gym then when you have an injury, go to the right place and see a hands on manual therapist.

One of the main benefits of going to a clinic that treats sports injuries is that they are trained in being able to both treat the problem as well giving you advice on what exercise is suitable and safe to continue and how to take control of the recovery process for yourself by utilising a wide range of rehabilitation exercises. It may seem costly to see a therapist for a couple of sessions, but it could save a lot of time and discomfort in the short term healing process, as well saving money from having to have resulting issues treated at a latter date.

So if in doubt, give us a call for a free consultation and do something about that pain today