Truly there is little else that is used as such a catch all phrase for any disorder originating in the lower back or legs which causes pain at some area along the sciatic nerve, hence being known as Sciatica. And it really is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable thing to experience and so it is useful to know that there are things that can be done to address and relieve both the symptoms and cause of most sciatic pain.

So what can we do to help?

From our experience a lot of sciatic pain will arise from the lower back (otherwise known as lumbar spine) or pelvis, generally when a joint or muscle has restricted the movement of a nerve or compressed “pinched” a nerve, causing pain or an electric type of sensation in the leg. So if you have sciatic pain or leg symptoms similar to sciatic pain, then we will examine not only the legs but how your pelvis moving and balanced and how your lower back is moving. Once we have found the cause of the compression or restriction then a variety of techniques from deep tissue manipulation and stretching to joint manipulation can be used in order to restore movement and improve both the symptoms and being to work to correct the imbalance that caused the sciatica to occur.