Specifically experienced at working with sports injuries and strains and in optimising the body to achieve maximum performance, we can help to relieve or resolve muscle aches and pains whilst complementing performance and maintaining physical integrity. Osteopathy can help you keep supple and improve muscle tone so reducing the risk of injury to soft tissues for both casual sports goers as well as seasoned amateur and professional athletes. Osteopathy offers a combination of manual muscle therapy alongside joint mobilisation techniques and fascial stretching which combined can work to improve and develop muscles and therefore performance, as well as effectively treat strains and injuries. Evolution Osteopaths will also look to complement your training and recovery with pilates based clinical exercises, specifically designed for you.
In addition advice on diet and complementary training exercise which will help you with your sport will also be offered. Evolution Osteopaths are experienced at dealing with sport people from amateur to professional level and whatever your level and skills, can help you work to achieve your goals.

We are equally experienced at working with work place postural pain, repetitive strain injuries, sports training, arthritis and pregnancy related postural pain amongst other conditions.

Issues dealt with early on can be resolved faster and can prevent further injury or damage, so don’t continue to suffer with aches and pains and call us today to arrange an appointment or free telephone consultation.