As an Osteopath I have to say I see a lot of people who would benefit from either increasing the level of exercise that they undertake or improving the quality of the exercise that they do. Many of the complaints that I see that are not sport related could have been avoided or mitigated by having stronger muscles or even simply by stretching and moving more. Many people underestimate the power and benefit of regularly stretching muscles which are shortened and restricted from everyday activities such as sitting at a desk, commuting or housework.

Equally it is important for people who regularly exercise to have manual therapy, either sports massage, osteopathy or similar to help improve movement and ensure that whichever exercise you do is being effective and not creating inappropriate movement patterns in the body.

Being based in Waterloo, SE1, almost all of my patients commute in order to get to and from work, and often posture is compromised or not even thought of outside of the working environment. My recommendation is to remember to think about how your shoulders and back are moving in all of your day to day activities and not just when you are at your desk. Sitting too long at home on the sofa can also be a culprit for making a fatigued lower back even more sore than it was, as can not bending the knees to pick things up from the floor or lifting shopping or bags.

Movement can be found in all sorts of ways and places and I try to encourage my patients to add in as much movement into their day as possible. Little things like standing up to read emails, hopping off the tube or the bus a stop or two early, taking the stairs rather than the lift, these can all make a big difference in increasing your daily activity levels. So the next time you feel a crick in the neck from playing twister on the tube, think about how you could change your movement to make things feel better.