One of the questions I am asked the most by new patients is “how many sessions do you think I will need?” and this question is one of the hardest yet easiest to answer. My general response is that every patient is an individual and as such predicting how fast an individual will get better is not an exact science and can rely on many factors, and normally by session number two, a fairly accurate plan of treatment can be provided.

One of our main ethos here at Evolution is that we only ever see a patient for the number of times it take them to get better. We don’t believe in bulk bookings, or asking patients back when we don’t feel that it would benefit them. We really aren’t all about the numbers and to be honest, if we see a patient twice and thats all it take for them to heal and get better, then we’re happy that our job is done. Another thing that we are often asked about is return visits purely for maintenance and I have to say we do believe in the power of regular maintenance visits. If you sit at a desk too long everyday, all year, or push yourself playing sport or working out in the gym, chances are that once or twice a year or more it would be good for you to have a postural check, some tight or restricted muscles released or a minor spinal adjustment, all of which may be appropriate to maintaining your movement and health in an optimal way. We approach maintenance in the same way as any other treatment, we examine and discuss your health and movement, look for patterns that may be occurring and then treat appropriately for the individual.

So if you would like to ask us any more or have a chat with any of our practitioners about what we do, how we treat and potentially how we could help, just give us a call on 02077577407 or email [email protected]